For a proportional body, the shape and proportion of the hips is an important factor. We can use special fat transfer techniques to achieve a fuller, rounder hip contour with the application called “Brazilian butt lift surgery” “Brazilian Buttock (BBL)” “Brazilian Buttock Aesthetics” surgery.

What is Brazilian Buttock (BBL) Aesthetics?

Brazilian buttock surgery is a popular aesthetic procedure that involves fat transfer to help create more fullness in the hip area.

Brazilian Buttock is a special fat transfer procedure that increases the size and shape of the hips without a hip replacement (silicone). With liposuction, excess fat is removed from the hip, abdomen, waist or thigh areas, and then some of this fat is injected into the hip.

With Brazilian buttock (BBL) surgery or Brazilian hip aesthetic surgery, we can improve the proportions of the entire lower body, remove fat from the “problematic areas” of the patient and make the hip more prominent, while providing proportional integrity in disproportionate and excess areas.

Who is Brazilian Hip (BBL) Aesthetics Performed?

The shape and proportion of a person’s hips are largely determined by their genetic makeup; Both your skeletal structure and your body’s fat storage affect the appearance of the lower body. A healthy diet and exercise can work to maintain a healthy body weight and tighten muscles, but many patients are dissatisfied with their flat hips despite a healthy lifestyle.

Brazilian Buttock surgery can help overcome genetic factors by reshaping the hip and surrounding areas such as the hips, waist and thighs.

What are the Benefits of Brazilian Butt Lift?

  • It improves the curves of your lower body.
  • It adds fullness to your buttocks, reduces fat in your hips, hips or abdomen and shapes the body.
  • It helps the clothes to fit the body in a more attractive way.
  • For those with flat hips, the hips gain projection, giving a younger, aesthetically pleasing shape.
  • It helps to restore the balance between your upper and lower body.

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