In the filling treatment, a soluble and harmless substance is applied to the area where the patients complain, and the visual defects are eliminated.

The success rate in filling treatment is very high, so the probability of experiencing a negative situation is very low. Among the areas where filler treatment is most applied, there are eyebrows, forehead, eye edges, lip rims and folds descending from the side of the nose. In particular, the areas where patients complain more are between the eyebrows and the folds on the edge of the nose.

The wrinkles that occur in the case of frowns become more evident as you age, and this creates an unpleasant appearance. Filling treatment is performed with this substance placed between the two eyebrows and these wrinkles are removed.

How Is Filling Treatment Applied To Which Areas?

Filling treatment can be applied to many parts of the body. It is generally known that it is applied only to the face. However, contrary to what is known, filling aesthetics are applied to various parts of the body and very good results are obtained.

The most common application area is the face area. It is applied to people who complain of facial wrinkles and scars. It is also preferred with the deterioration of the face shape over time. It is also applied for people with impaired facial ovality to regain their old facial features and is preferred for problems seen mainly in the lips, marionette scratches, nasolabial grooves and cheekbone area. Apart from these, it is also preferred in the correction of cavities in the temple area, correction of disorders in the nose, and correction of disorders in the chin and eyebrows.

Filling aesthetics are also performed on the legs and breast area, apart from the face area. In addition to these, it is very effective in eliminating the signs of aging in the hands.

Face Filling Treatment

Filling treatment is very suitable for individuals who are afraid of aesthetics or want to get rid of their problems without surgery, and while it helps them overcome these problems, it also makes them look more warmly towards aesthetics.

In the filling treatment, which is frequently preferred in order for the worn and aging skin structures to achieve a young and fresh appearance, the most feared issue of the individuals is the post-treatment process and the infections with the risk of occurrence. In this context, experts underlined that aesthetic and health centers should be preferred for these operations; They state that aesthetic and health centers that have proven their quality with their previous aesthetic operations should be preferred.

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