Tummy Tuck

Tummy Tuck

Abdominal skin sagging, which requires tummy tuck surgery, usually occurs in women. However, men may also experience sagging and loosening due to deformation in the abdomen and belly skin and muscles as a result of excessive weight gain.

The most important factor in women is previous pregnancies. With the effect of genetic factors, skin sagging and damage due to births and weight gain are more common in some breeds.

With the tearing of the tissues between the muscles that make the anterior wall of the abdomen and keep the internal organs inside and make the abdomen appear flat, the muscles are separated from each other and the abdomen appears outward and drooping with the push of the organs from the inside. Significant weight loss also leads to loosening and sagging of the abdominal skin.

If your abdomen is not only lubricated, but also the gap between the muscles and sagging, it is possible to have a brand new appearance with abdominal aesthetics, tummy tuck “abdominoplasty” surgery. With tummy tuck surgery, at the end of pregnancy, the enlarged anterior wall of the abdomen is narrowed, the abdominal muscles that are loosened and gaped are tightened, and the sagging abdominal skin is removed along with the excess fat.

How is tummy tuck surgery performed?

Abdominoplasty may take 2-3 hours depending on the procedure. An incision line is usually made that can be hidden under underwear and remains 8-10 cm below the navel and above the hairy area under the abdomen, which we call the pubis. Think of it as a slightly longer cesarean section. A second incision is made around the navel for transfer of the navel. After the surgery is over, the incision line is closed with a hidden suture under the skin and covered with dressings.

One or two tubes called drains are placed in order to take out the excess fluid to be collected in the area. During the tummy tuck surgery, a urinary catheter is inserted so that the patient can feel comfortable in the postoperative period. The urinary catheter is withdrawn after you stand up 3 hours after the catheter surgery. Right after the tummy tuck surgery, a suitable corset is put on the person in the operating room.

What should be considered before tummy tuck surgery?

During this period, your surgeon will remind you of some points that must be followed. If you smoke, you should take a break from 2 weeks before to 2 weeks after tummy tuck surgery. During this period, you should not stay in the sun too long.

If you are using it, stop taking vitamin E and aspirin during this period and avoid heavy diet regimens before surgery. A cold or another infection may cause the surgery to be delayed.

A drawing will be made to plan the details of the procedure to be performed before the tummy tuck surgery. Following this, the necessary photo shoots will be completed for the comparison of the pre- and post-operative period.

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