Botox, which is applied in many medical fields, especially in aesthetics, is an exotoxin used in the treatment of facial wrinkles and excessive sweating. Botox is obtained from bacteria called Clostridium Botulinum. It is also the most reliable and easy method of eliminating wrinkles and lines on the face. Botox, which does not affect all muscles systemically, only affects the area where it is injected and prevents the release of substances that provide transmission in nerve endings. It also temporarily stops the electrical transmission between nerves and muscles or sweat glands.

Botox, which was applied for the first time in the treatment of lazy eye, blepharospasm (the inability to move the eyelids properly) and cervical dystonia, was later used to correct the wrinkles caused by frowns.

Why is Botox done?

It is one of the most curious issues in which areas and for what purpose Botox application is applied. Botox, which is mostly used as a remedy for the elimination of facial wrinkles and underarm sweating, is both a therapeutic and a protective application. While it ensures that the lines that appear on the face are completely opened over time, it also allows the lines that have become clear to be healed without getting deeper, even if they have not settled on the face yet. Apart from these, it also puts an end to the problem of excessive sweating by blocking the sweat glands.

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