Fat Injection

Fat Injection

Fat injection is an aesthetic intervention that can be applied not only to the face but also to various parts of the body. The purpose of this procedure is to correct deformations that occur on the skin for any reason. The fat injection technique is used to fill the area in order to obtain softer subcutaneous collapses on the skin or to have a more aesthetic appearance even if there is no collapse in the skin.

Where is the fat to be used for facial fat injection collected?

The fat to be used for facial fat injection is collected from the body of the individual. Since the abdomen is the most common area of ​​fat accumulation for almost everyone, it is generally preferred to collect the fat to be injected into the face from the abdomen. However, fat can also be collected from the waist or hips to inject into the face. In summary, fat can be collected from many parts of the body. It can even be collected from the under-eye area to remove under-eye bags at the same time. Also, fat can be collected from the arms and legs.

How is fat injection done to the face?

Local anesthesia is generally preferred to perform fat injection to the face. However, in some cases it can be done under general anesthesia. General anesthesia may be necessary, especially if a number of interventions are to be performed. After the fat is collected from the person’s body, the collected fat is subjected to various processes such as washing and centrifugation to prepare for the injection. The fat is then transferred under the skin via an injector. Then the facial fat injection procedure is terminated.

Is facial fat injection permanent?

It is not wrong to say that the permanence of facial fullness after fat injection depends on several factors. The higher the permanence of the original oil in the face of the individual, the higher the probability of the oil injected into the face. For example, the fat injected into the face to obtain plump cheeks will be permanent as long as the individual maintains their body weight. However, losing weight is associated with fat loss throughout the body, including the cheeks; therefore, the fullness obtained by fat injection will also be lost.

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