Face Lift

Face Lift

Classic face lift techniques, which have been used for a long time, are applied in face lift surgeries of people who have a large number of sagging and wrinkles. A thin incision is made starting from the front of the ear of the person to be operated on and going behind the ear. The main point of this technique is that the deep tissues are stretched. Because if the skin itself is stretched, problems may arise during healing. Stretching the deep tissues provides a long-lasting and lasting effect. This method is generally preferred by middle-aged people because they have many sagging and wrinkles due to aging. Another facelift surgery option is the technique performed with an endoscope. Endoscopes are cameras with a thickness of 4 millimeters.

Face lift surgery is performed with these cameras. What is done in this technique is to make thin incisions in the scalp. In this way, the deep tissues are pulled and stretched. This method is generally used by people with less wrinkles, sagging and deformation on their faces. Since it is not a holistic surgical technique, it is not preferred by the middle-aged. It is usually done by middle age.

How is Face Lift Surgery Performed?

Facelift surgery is performed with a very thin incision that starts in front of the ear and goes towards the back of the ear. While performing these surgeries, efforts are made not only to stretch the face but also to shape the face. The main thing is to replace the skin hanging down. The same process is applied to the neck part, providing a tension towards the chin. In addition, the face lift process can be supported by adding things such as fat injection, filling, eyebrow lifting, chin aesthetics.

When Is Surgery Needed?

As a result of research and technological developments in the field of medicine, diagnosis and treatment methods have been applied in a much more comfortable way. Innovations, especially in the field of aesthetic surgery, have developed considerably and have enabled women who want to have a natural beauty to have a comfortable application.

Face lift surgery; In cases where the cosmetic products used or the botox and filler applied are not enough, it is preferred in advanced ages. Face lift surgery, especially applied to women over 50; It is applied to certain areas at certain intervals in some people.

Face lift surgery is applied to remove deformations in the jaw line and neck area, excess skin in front of the ear, deep wrinkles that can be seen in the entire face area; It is the process of removing excess skin with an incision applied starting from the hairy area on the ear. As a result of this process, sagging, wrinkles and excess skin due to aging are removed, resulting in a much more vigorous and youthful face form. During this procedure, a holistic recovery can be achieved by applying eyelid aesthetics and neck lift surgery at the same time.

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