Breast Reduction

Breast Reduction

Breast reduction, which should be known as a reconstructive aesthetic surgery operation, is applied in many clinics and hospitals in Istanbul. However, a specialist doctor and an experienced clinic or hospital should be preferred for the operation process.

The beauty of the breasts is very important for women, as it is considered one of the most basic elements of female beauty. This situation has an important effect on the increase in the interest shown in breast aesthetic operations. However, breast reduction aesthetics is a surgical procedure that can be preferred not only for aesthetic concerns but also for the purpose of eliminating health problems caused by breast size.

The fact that the breasts are larger than normal can cause women to experience back and neck pain to an extent that will affect their life comfort, and even cause hunchback. Due to the size of the breasts, diaper rash, fungus, wounds and infections can also be seen under the breasts. In addition, the difficulties experienced by women in choosing clothes and similar factors can also cause psychological discomfort. Breast reduction aesthetics is a breast aesthetic procedure that provides a permanent solution to the elimination of such problems.

Why is Breast Reduction Aesthetics Performed?

The purpose of breast reduction aesthetics; It is to eliminate the complaints experienced by the patient and to obtain breasts of equal size and form, symmetrical and lighter in structure. Large and heavy breasts cause posture disorders, lower back pain, sagging in the chest structure and psychological problems over time. All these reduce your quality of life and may cause problems in your social life. It is possible to get rid of these problems with breast reduction aesthetics at the most appropriate time.

The answer to the question of which doctor to go to for breast reduction is now known by everyone. It is definitely recommended to be an experienced plastic surgeon who is an expert in his field, has a good command of anatomy.

Who is Suitable for Breast Reduction Aesthetics?

Our recommendation for breast reduction aesthetics is to complete the body development of the person. In other words, the period after the age of 18 will be the ideal time for this surgery for young girls. The earlier this aesthetic operation is performed, the earlier the problems to be experienced in later years will be prevented. In addition, you should discuss with your doctor in detail before the breast reduction operation and you should get answers to all the questions in your mind. Preliminary examinations are very important. Your general health condition must be medically good to be operated. If you are considering pregnancy after the surgery, you should have this surgery after the delivery and breastfeeding period. Because you may have problems with your milk ducts.

In the pre-interview with your plastic surgeon in breast reduction surgery, a middle way should be found between your expectations from this surgery and the recommendations your doctor will give in accordance with your anatomy. With the breast reduction operation, the asymmetry disorder in the breasts is also corrected. With a successful breast reduction aesthetic, you gain self-confidence and continue to live much more satisfied with your body.

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